MA Sanskrit

About The Course

With its importance cutting across disciplines and boundaries, Sanskrit is now being talked about as the next biggest cultural export from India to the rest of the world after yoga. This course basically focuses on the learning of Sanskrit literature.


History of Sanskrit Literature and Khandakavya, Mahakavya and Prosody, Poetry and Poetics, Sanskrit Literature, Mahakavya and Champukavya, Sanskrit Drama and Dramaturgy, Darshan, Classical and Modern Prose.

Learning Outcomes

  • This course will enhance and strengthen the learner’s knowledge in Sanskrit Language at Intermediate Level.
  • It will give the learner a new vision with respect to Sanskrit Literature. 3. It will make learner a Sanskrit Teacher.


  • Two Year Post Graduate Course
  • Study of Sanskrit Literature

Target Audience

  • Graduates who have the interest in learning Sanskrit language.
  • School Teachers
  • Students who would like to understand the vast knowledge domain of Sanskrit literature.