“Research-The distance between an idea and its realization.” -David Sarnoff.

We at SAYI understand the ever growing importance research especially in the field of Yoga. Our research is focused on many projects with experts studying from diverse areas. The students who are pursuing Post Graduate Degree (M.A) at our institute are enthusiastically participating as well as understanding various dimensions of Research.

Many research projects require a yogic intervention with a group of students. Presently numerous tests could be conducted from online sites for various Behavioural & Psychological evaluation. Unfortunately, there has been no importance given to documenting evidence of results achieved due to the practice of Yog.

Research and Publication

A few tie-ups with like-minded people are in place to share research and findings

  • Philosophical areas
  • Applied Yog research projects
  • Therapy-based Yog research projects
  • To collate evidence & to contribute national research projects on Diabetes Free India movement propagated by SVYASA University
  • Yogic interventions for specific ailments and conducting surveys for scientific analysis

We at Sri Adi Yog Institute is aim to enable individuals to study and demonstrate the virtues of ancient Yog with sustainable proofs and validations. In order to achieve this, there are many research papers, articles, surveys being conducted on an on-going basis. Every student is guided to write and publish their research by the team of expert panel.

The founders at SAYI leave no stone unturned for the students, for which various research seminars, workshops, paper presentations, along with one day seminars are regularly conducted. The institute has also been fortunate enough to receive guidance from eminent Yog Experts, and our students also had the honour to experience and learn more about presenting research papers.

Completed Research

Research Approval Process

Sri Adiyog Research Ethics Committee

1.Dr.T.M.Srinivasan ,2.Prof.A.N.Pandey, 3.Dr.Ajay Gawali, 4.Dr.Sheetal Deshmukh, 5.Dr.Minakshee Aher, 6.Dr.Mugdha Kashikar, 7.Dr.Rajendra Vaman



Published Research Papers

Sr. No. Research Paper Author Publication Date
1 A Comparative Study of Spiritual Intelligence among Yog & Non Yog Practitioners Prof.Sulabha Gawali 08-10-2021
2 The Quantum Field Model of Experiences Er.Rajeshji Bhutkar 08-10-2021
3 Yogic Concepts of Hanuman Chalisa Prof A.N.Pandey (Retd BARC Scientist and Yog Expert) 08-10-2021
4 Spiritual Studies In Yoga Philosophy Dr.Madhusudanji Penna-Sahitya Akadami Award Winner 08-10-2021

On Going Research

Ongoing Research Work

Ongoing research is a continuous movement of systematic investigation, which is encouraged at Sri Adiyoga. Senior faculty members and students are made aware of the typical thinking process which is bound by a conditioned approach. The objective is to question all the things, events and happenings around in an objective manner.   


Sr. No. Title Researcher Publication Year
1 A Study of Impact of yogic art Forms on the Mental state of secondary school students. Mrs.Darshan Rajput 08-10-2021
2 A Study of relationship between "Work Life Balance" and "Spiritual practices" during COVID period Kunal Kumbhar 08-10-2021
3 The effect of Omkar Chanting and Soham Dhyan on the Spiritual Intelligence of Women Prof..Aparna Phadnis 08-10-2021