The SAYI family includes various eminent faculty members from diverse illustrious professional backgrounds. All faculty members at SAYI have a immense resolve to teach and spread the knowledge of Yog to as many aspirants as possible.

Sr. No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Certifications/Expertise Photo
1 Dr.T. M. Srinivasan Mentor BE, ME. ,Ph.D ,Dsc Yog Research & Publications
2 Prof.Sulabha Gawali Principal B.E.(Poly),MBA(HR),MA(Y),MA(Psy) Yoga Therapy & Research
3 Dr.Sanjay Gawali Founder Director B.E(Const),ME(C&M),MA (Yog),PhD Research Methodology, Yoga Classical Texts ,Certified International Hatayoga Teacher
4 Prof.Dr.Gajanan Ambhore Mentor M.A. (Sanskrit), PhD Sanskrit Expert & Scholar
5 Prof. Krishnarao.D. Shinde Mentor M.A. Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit Distinguished Faculty
6 Prof.Dr. Purushottam Puri Hon.Advisor Yoga Research MD, MA (Yog),QCI ,NET Qualified Yoga Therapy Advisor
7 Prof.P.D.Kulkarni Mentor MA ( Yog ) Mentor
8 Prof.Amod Vesikar Faculty DIT Yog Upanishad and Vedic Philosophy
9 Prof Dr.Meenakshi Haribhau Gawali Visiting Faculty M.A., M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,SET,Ph.D.(Yog) Physical Education,Sports & Yoga
10 Prof. Shekhar Parkhi Faculty B.com ,LLB CA, (MA-Yog) Patanjal Yog Darshan,Stress Management
11 Prof.Anil Ratnaparkhi Faculty BA, B.Ed-Physical,Dip.Yog & Ayurved ,MA (Yog) Yoga Teaching Practices,Yog Sadhana, & Yog Therapy
12 Prof.Raj Sinnarkar Faculty BSc ,Dip Yog , BA (Yog ),MA (Yog) Yog Philosophy,Naturapathy,Reiki
13 Prof.Dr. Vijay Gawali Faculty MBBS, DCP, MS(UK) ,MA (Yog) Integrated Medicine Consultant
14 Prof.Mrs. Suchita Patil Faculty MSc,BEd.,MA (Yog), MEd Yoga Education Principles,Philosophy
15 Prof.Mrs.Vaijayanti Mujumdar Faculty B.Sc.,MA (Yog), MA(Sanskrit) Certified Q C I (AYUSH) Examiner,Yog Thinkers
16 Prof.Kiran Govind Faculty M.A.(Philosophy) ,B.Ed., SET/NET Yoga Philosophy & Darshan
17 Prof. Dr. Mrs.Sheetal Deshmukh Faculty B.H.M.S ,MA (Yog),MA(Psy) Applied Yoga and Anatomy ,Certified Yoga Teacher,
18 Prof.Rahul Kale Faculty MA (Yog ) Certified Yoga Teacher,Yog Scriptures
19 Prof.Dr. Mrs. Shalaka Shinde Faculty B.A.M.S. Diploma in Yog Shikshak P.G. Fellowship in Yoga Theorapy( MUHS),Ayurveda & Naturapathy
20 Prof.Dr.Mrs.Snehal A. Dantale Faculty M.Sc.(Home Science,Ph.D., M.A. Sanskrit) Sanskrit Scholar and Dietics Consultant
21 Prof.Mrs. Aparna Inamdar Faculty M.A.(Psychology), M.A. ( Sociology) B.Ed., Yog Prabodh Yog Practicals
22 Prof. Tanmay L. Joshi Visiting Faculty B.A. ,M.A.( Psychology) , SET Eminent Expert in Psychology
23 Prof.Rashmi Badve Faculty MSc,PGDYT Yoga Therapy
24 Dr.Mugdha Kashikar Faculty B.H.M.S,MA (Psy) Physiological Effects of Yoga
25 Prof.Sonali Kulkarni Faculty MA(Yog) Yog Philosophy
26 Dr.Madhur Gawali Integrated Medicine Consultant MBBS,Dip (Yog /Sanskrit) , MD (Yog) Yoga Research & Therapy
27 Prof.Aparna Phadnis Faculty MA (Yog) Yoga Practicals and YCB Faculty