Dr. Sanjay Gawali and Mrs. Sulabha Gawali are the Co-Founder Directors of Sri Adiyog International Institute of Education and Research. They are dedicated and passionate spiritual seekers committed to bring about a change in the society by spreading the awareness for Yog in each household, by empowering individuals with the knowledge of Yog.

Adiyoga Founder

Dr. Sanjay Gawali

Founder Director & CEO

Ph.D – Human Resources

Dr. Sanjay Gawali is a Ph.D holder in Human Resource development; He has an extensive understanding of human behavior by virtue of over 30 years in Human resource and talent development in India and Middle East. His vast and varied experience has contributed substantially to the Foundation and growth of the organization. He is a multi-faceted personality.

Dr. Sanjay holds dual Master degrees, one in Yog Science and the other in Construction Management. He is also an engineer, who from his college days was extremely influenced by Swami Vivekananda’s teachings; He gave up a lucrative career in the Middle East for his earnest passion to promote Yog. He is a Trained Hatha Yog teacher by Isha Hatha School and also he is trained and certified from the eminent SVYASA, Bengaluru. Dr. Sanjay Gawali, apart from being the Founder is also the first Certified Hatha Yog Teacher of Nashik.

Mrs. Sulabha Gawali

Founder Director


Mrs. Gawali is a Polymer Engineer; she has done MBA in HR, MA in Psychology and MA (Yog Science). She was a Scientist working on Research projects in the laboratory of an Aeronautical Company. In spite of being successful and well placed in her career she chose to pursue Yog and its scientific path of spirituality.

She began her journey in Yog by first training herself as a YIC teacher from SVYASA University. She is a passionate and an active teacher for Yog.

Her passion for Yog has been the decision maker to promote the ancient science. She is an energetic vibrant person who contributes in numerous ways to the development of the organization. She oversees the complete operations with a dedicated TEAM.

Mrs. Sulabha has been the backbone of the organization ever since. Her dedication, diligence, eye for detail and professional attitude towards achieving results is awesome and commendable.

Adiyoga Founder