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SAYI Publication

SAYI institution takes pride to bring forth our half yearly journal called as ‘Yogspandan’ The first journal that has been published in Yog Sadhana Week 2019-2020 by SAYI faculty members and experts. In the title ‘Yogspandan’, Spandan means vibes or pulses generated because of the practice of Yog. This Yogspandan is a Sanskrit word and the journal publication is half yearly.

The inaugural issue was launched in the event, called.-‘Yog Sadhana Week 2019’which was held in February. The articles in the journal are written by expert Yog teachers, spiritual seekers and researchers after collating information and verifying the same. After editing unwanted matter, the Journal is printed and circulated. Content is welcomed from all over the country.

The objective of this journal is to be well-informed with the latest research, experiences, methods etc. The issue is a common platform to integrate and learn from others as well. It is also a mouthpiece of SAYI to all who prescribe for the journal. Articles on the ideology, teachings, activities, workshops, free blood donation drives, and other activities of SAYI would be published.

The students are also able to share their research and get exposure and mileage through it. The journal contains the latest information and practices of like-minded people across the nation.

Sr. No. Title Author
1 Tryst with Transformation Mrs. Kanchan Gogte
2 Bharatnaytyam An Artistic Yoga Prof. Vajayanti Mujumdar
3 Swami Vivekananda and Yoga Prof. Rahul Kale
4 Aparigriha : An Ubiquitous Virtue Prof. Adwait Inamdar
5 Jeevan – Mukta & Videh Mukta Prof. Shekhar A. Parkhi

Available for download in the first volume of Yogspandan

अ. क्र. शीर्षक लेखक
अध्यात्मिक जीवनशैली आणि योगाचे स्थान प्रा. राज सिन्नरकर
जे.कृष्णमूर्ती आणि त्यांची शिकवण श्री. किशोर खैरनार
अनुभव, प्रतिसाद आणि विचार यांचे क्वांटम शास्त्रीय प्रारूप श्री. राजेश गजानन भूतकर
हंसविद्या ( आजपा गायत्री ) प्रा. अनंत वसंतराव रत्नपारखी
संस्कृत नाम दैवी वाक डॉ. स्नेहल दंताळे
“II गायनं पंचमो वेदःII” प्रा. सोनाली कुलकर्णी
योगपार्श्वभूमी व सद्यस्तिथी प्रा. गणेश जिभाऊ वाघ /प्रा.डॉ. नितीनकुमार दादासाहेब माळी
श्री. रामकृष्ण परमहंस-जीवन परिचय व अध्यात्मिकता अनिकेत सोनगिरे