Jnanayog: The path of Wisdom.

This path of yoga is that of philosophy, it deals with intellect and self-analysis. It includes the sadhana/phases of Shravanam, Mananam, Niddhidhyasana which leads the sadhaka to Jnana. This path of yoga descirbes in detail the Trigunas – Tamas Guna, Rajas Guna, Satva Guna. Jnana Yoga signifies the importance of becoming a person with wisdom or becoming a Jnani. It tells us that the only difference between the animals and humans is the presence of Buddhi; discrimination power or the Freedom of Choice. The path of Jnana Yoga requires sadhana by the process of analyzing and contemplation. Through the practice of Shraddha,Respec, Commitment, Sincerity will bring Jnana and Jnana will turn bring total mastery over senses and leads one to total silence/transcendence.

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