Vision and Mission



To establish an institution of international repute which is dedicated to impart the ancient Indian knowledge of Yog and allied sciences to aspirants who would like to enhance quality of life and manifest the divine potential within.


Our mission is to provide world class experiential programs, Sadhana Retreats, Therapy programs based on yogic principles and to conduct Research for promoting ‘Yog’, as an esteemed Social Science.



  • Equanimity
  • Gratitude
  • Commitment
  • Humility


The main objective of SAYI is to propagate “Yog” in the most pure form.

  • Conduct literacy and research in pure Yog practices.
  • Publicizing research material after scientifically verifying results.
  • Customizing various Yog courses to suit any individual & groups.
  • Using Open & Digital technology method of learning reaches all sections of society making it affordable and accessible anywhere anytime.
  • Study and preservation of ancient Sanskrit and Yog texts.