Dr. Ajay Gawali

He is a based in USA, a Systems Analyst in networking and an IT professional. He is an inventor and entrepreneur too. During the last 30 years he has worked with MNCs like, EDS, Goldman Sachs, and Proctor & Gamble and presently with Intel.

He was strongly motivated by the teachings of a very popular gold award winner and thinker of India, Pandurang Athavale Shastri, who experimented with social engineering. Ajay is also passionate about Yog and has been actively promoting it in the US through Jijivisha- a popular international platform for Yog.

Dr. Vijay Gawali

He is a blood transfusion specialist since many years. Dr. Vijay is on the WHO Council of African Countries. He has his own NGO that is focused on many initiatives like Free Blood Donation Drives, free monthly transfusions to thalessemic children. A passionate and an excellent Yog trainer, he has trained more than 2500 people in the UK between 2006 and 2012, His medical background has helped in the application of Yog, through which he has conducted many workshops and retreats. He has experience in the Middle East, UK & Africa.



Dr. Yogesh Mahale

He is a renowned Radiologist in Nasik. He is a very dedicated, humble medical practitioner who genuinely believes in serving humanity with passion and commitment. His specializing in pain management has helped numerous people down the years. His popularity has grown because of his genuine caring nature and successful practice.

Mr. Keshav Ghotekar

He is a Mechanical Engineer based in Kuwait and has been working at the managerial level at the Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation. He has a great zeal in promotion of Sanskrit, Yog and traditional Indian knowledge. During his many visits to India, he has created job opportunities for more than 1000+ youth in his hometown.

An avid reader, he has an in-depth knowledge of The Bhagvad Gita, His keen interest in ancient Indian scripture and its application in day to day life is his passion. To have such a dynamic personality as a Trustee is a feather in the cap of the NGO.



Adv. Jayashree Dalvi

Advocate Jayshree is a successful Lawyer by profession. Her focus is mainly on the Development and Empowerment of Women in villages. She provides free legal services to those in need. She is the Founder of a Corporation for financing small businesses to women. She is also actively involved in a self-help group for women, with support from her sister this group has grown to 5000 members strong in a few years.

Dr. Ashwini Boraste

She is an active social worker since past many years. She focuses on women empowerment, generating employment for micro businesses. She conducts awareness workshops to encourage ladies & housewives to have an independent income.

She is also a leading activist to promote pollution free zones, health and wellness. She has initiated many tree plantation drives and has encouraged and supported more than 50,000 people to work towards a better life.

She has received many awards and laurels for her involvement and contribution to the growth of society. She is also on the Council of the local civic community, Municipal Corporation and various local bodies.