Research report of the September 2021 Month


Mrs.Aparna Phadnis


Dr.Sanjay Gawali


Prof.Sulabha Gawali



The aim of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy of yogic practice of Omkar Chanting and Soham Dhyan on the Spiritual Intelligence of women at the composite score and also aimed to check the Spiritual Intelligence on the individual dimensions of Spiritual Intelligence (Innerself, Interself, Biostoria, Life perspectives, Spiritual Actualisation and Value orientation). The study was conducted on a sample of 30 women selected randomly. The research was conducted through training of Omkar Chanting and Soham Dhyan and the data was collected using the questionnaire developed by Prof. Roquiya Zainnuddin and MS Anjum Ahmed (2010) called Roquan Spiritual Intelligence Test (RSIT). The Data was evaluated as the changes resulted after the intervention (Post-Test) compared to the previous condition ( Pre-Test) on the same sample of women. The data was analysed by using Mean, standard deviation and T-test (one tailed, two independent Mean). The result showed that Yogic practice like Omkar Chanting and Soham Dhyan produced a significant effect on Spiritual Intelligence of women and its components (Inner self, Interself, Biostoria, Life Perspectives, Spiritual Actualisation and Value orientation).


21st Century Indian women have not left any stone unturned in any field may be it house hold daily chores till the space technology. But while doing so have to face many difficult situations and life becomes exercise on a string. She plays different roles like sister, daughter, mother, wife, mother-in-law and actively participates in bringing up her children, their development, Education, Career Selection, Physical-psychological development , she herself is involved in some Job, Business, may be employee, Employer, Business Woman, professional artist etc. and supports financial needs of family. She is like a backbone of the family. She is hardly looking after her physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing.

Researcher feels that yogic practices, theories and therapies are now used widely for the development of society and as a yoga professional feels that it it researcher’s moral responsibility to use her knowledge for the betterment of every nooks and corners of human life. Man being a social animal with mind and brain which give meaning to his life and having his aspiration in different human intelligence.

Objectives of the Study

The research objectives facilitate the execution of activities of the research work in a planned work. They are stated in achievable terms the objective serve as the functional blue print of the study.
The objectives of the study are as follows

  1. To determine Spiritual Intelligence in selected group of women by means of Pre-Test
  2. To determine Spiritual Intelligence in selected group of women after Omkar Chanting and Soham Dhyan.
  3. Comparative study of spiritual intelligence by means of Pre-Test and Post-Test on the selected group of women.


The eight week training program was conducted on 30 women of APS yoga and wellness centre. The yogic practice was given to them 6 days per week in evening sessions for 60 minutes. The eight week training program was constructed, instruction regarding how program was scheduled was given.
Omkar chanting and soham dhyan were used because numerous studies in meditation research indicate that significant physiological changes results from even limited practice (myrphy Donovan 1999), Shapio and Walsh (1984), Walsh and Vaughah (1993) study that measure the effect of intensive long term practice print to significant psychological benefits to spiritual sensitivity.


In the present competitional age, every person has to struggle for existence. In this race, men and women work together in each and every field. As compared to men, women have to perform many more responsibilities and for performing functions more efficiently. They require more physical as well as mental strength. There are many milestones in the life of women in her phase of life with different roles she plays. She may face different physical, psychological problems.
The Researcher being a yoga professional feels that it is her moral responsibility to use different Yogic Concepts for the welfare development of every hook & corner of the life. S.I. is a new concept of intelligence and Yogic practices are related to increase in S.I. So the hypothesis that Yogic practices like omkar chanting and soham dhyan can increase S.I. and play a great role in being beneficial to women to a great extent. To check the effect of S.I., a programme planned for which 30 women of APS Yoga and wellness centre were chosen randomly and pre-test was administered on them to know their S.I. using Roquan S.I. T and post-test was done after two months and the data collected was statistically analysed with the help of Mean, S.D., T test at 0.05 significance level was calculated. Results were studied after analysing and interpreting the data collected through Questionnaire designed by ROQUAN(2010). 

Graph-1 . Composite SI Score Histogram

Graph-2 Mean Score Comparison

Graph-3 Scatterplot Age & SI

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