Yog Jijnasa

Apart from University recognized programs, SAYI has designed their programs. They also customize as per the requirement of the Yog seekers. The Society and certain sections of the Society need specific objectives or requirements. These courses are tailor-made to meet these purposes.

The SAYI Programs are carefully designed by in-house experts to suit the objectives, needs and spiritual aspirations of society.

Multi –lingual Training is provided:

Yog Jijnasa
Course Name Yog Jijnasa
About the course The Yog Jijnasa course is an elementary level course designed to introduce the basic postures and Sukshma Vyayam with introductory concepts and terminology for Yog aspirants.
Duration 2 Months
Intake 15 per batch
Eligibility Beginner in Yog ,No age or Qualification Bar
Outcome It will help to set the routine thereby increasing the flexibility. The course introduces the basic concepts of Yoga including simple asana, breathing techniques, postures, bandha, kriya. It will develop the correct understanding about Yogic practices that leads to Sadhana. To create awareness about Yoga Sadhana & Spirituality in the mind of learners