Sri Adiyoga Launches Coaching for PhD Entrance Test


PhD -Yoga Entrance Preparation (PEP)

Sri Adiyoga Research Departement has launched a special crash course titled "PhD -Yoga Entrance Preparation (PEP)"  course for the Master Degree students.This will build up the capability of post graduate Yoga students and equip them with the knowledge and skills required for entering into Doctoral programs in Yoga .

It was evident that exisiting and new entrants of MA Yog students were lacking orientation and approach on how to tackle the "Research Entrance Examinations" conducted by various Universities.This will also help new MA-Yog students who are registering for the current academic year.

Yog students who are aspiring for the Doctoral studies in Yog after completion of Masters degree, will get benefitted with this crash course.This will be offered free of cost for the current year students.There is huge scope for evidence based Yoga research, commented the Founder Director Dr.Sanjay Gawali and Senior Research Guide Dr.K.P.Nimbalkar.  

Research Department | 03-10-2021