MA Yogashastra

About The Course

The course aims at in depth study of Yogashastra. It introduces more than ten alluring Yogic texts including prestigious "Patanjal Yog Darshan" that provide an insight to Yogic Philosophy. At the end of the two years course, students are expected to carry out a small research project as well; this builds up a sound understanding and application of the learnt yogic practices.


Fundamentals of Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit, Stress Management by Yoga, Yoga tradition, Principles of Indian Philosophy, Yoga sutra, Yoga-Upanishad and Modern Yoga, Applied Yoga, Classical Yoga Texts, Yoga and Allied Sciences ,Research Methodology, Yoga and Application and Practical.

Learning Outcomes

  • It will help to understand concepts of Yogashastra.
  • It will help build a good knowledge base in Yoga.
  • It will ignite and fuel your spiritual outlook towards life
  • It will help to become a Yoga Counseller ,Yoga Professional
  • Create contended approach towards life situations
  • Create alternate career option to existing profession


  • Two Year Post Graduate Course.
  • Advanced and indepth learning of Patanjal Yog Sutra and advanced Yogic practices

Target Audience

  • Yog Teachers
  • School Teachers
  • Yoga practitioners
  • Graduates in any discipline
  • Housewives
  • Aspirants who wish to learn Yogic Practices & Spiritual Sadhana
  • Senior Citizens
  • Health Sector Professionals