MA Darshanshastra

About The Course

This is a Novel course, that entails Darshan Shastra. The course aims at introducing and understanding Indian philosophy and Vedanta in a new light. Rigvedic hymns and Vedanta and Classical Upanishadas Texts (Mandukya Upanishad,Panchadashi) along with other worthwhile subjects form a base of this course.


Introduction to Indian Philosophy, Yoga and Vedanta, Yoga sutra and Vriddhashiksha, Nyaya and Modern Indian Philosophy, Nyaya and Advaita Vedanta,Vedanta.

Learning Outcomes

  • This course will widen knowledge horizon regarding Indian Philosophy
  • It will make the learner competent in understanding important Darshanas like Vedanta,Bauddha,Jain,Yoga and Classical Upanishads
  • It will impart the learner a subtle understanding of darshanic concepts for understanding reality and concepts related to Truth
  • It will enhance Sanskrit Language understanding and its application.


  • Two Year Post Graduate level Course
  • In depth knowledge of Bhartiya Darshan Shastra
  • Introduction to various Indian texts in detail

Target Audience

  • Advanced Yoga Practitioners
  • Yoga Teachers & MA Yog Post graduates
  • Post Graduates with interest in strengthening existing Yog Darshan Knowledge.
  • Graduates with keen interest in Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy.
  • Aspirants who wish to gain understanding about subtle concepts in Yoga and Philosophy
  • Aspirants who wish pursue career in academics or in teaching profession in Universities,Research in Yoga & Darshana descipline
  • Senior Citizens