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Wish you blissful International Yoga Day- 2022 !

Namaste and Seasons Greetings to all!

With great delight I wish you all warm greetings on the occasion of the 8th International Day of Yoga. With the decline of the pandemic, I’m sure we all come together and become a part of the yoga day celebrations in whatever small way possible to each on the 21st of June and every day too. The grand celebration of course was held with the presence of our beloved Prime Minister Hon. Narendra Modi Ji. This year’s theme being Yoga for Humanity was such an apt addition to the program.

Each year we see thousands of enthusiastic people perform yoga particularly on the IDY but as the days pass, the enthusiasm slowly goes on diminishing only to rise up for the next IDY. We all must be in Yog each and every day. In fact, as said by Hon. Modi Ji, “Yoga is more than a part of life; it is the way of life!”

Our lives must be completely entangled with the path of yoga, for if we have to rise up beyond the day-to-day mundane life details there is no other way. Our body is nothing but a mirror of the entire Cosmic Universe. यत पिंडे तत ब्रह्मांडे

To become aware of our own bodies and transcend beyond our mind is the way of Yog. The learning of Yogashashtra is going to support each one of us to rise up to this occasion.

With the rise diseases of all nature arising yog through therapy is going to be the way to go.

We are more than glad to announce that the admissions are now open for next academic session and we welcome all aspirants to learn Yog with arms wide open to push open the gates of our institution and grow, learn, flourish and reach sky high limits.

The path of yoga is arduous but at the same time highly fulfilling. To internalise and to learn the teachings, traditions and follow the path of the great Gurus and Yogis is indeed a feat which requires immense zeal and efforts from the aspirant. We at Sri Adiyog International Institute for Learning and Research invite all to come and become a part of this glorious journey we fondly call as Yog.

There can be no right age and time to start educating yourself, the moment you start is the right time and age!