Director Desk

Adiyoga Founder

Dr. Sanjay Gawali

अहम सत्यं, जगत तथ्य्म, जीवनं योगसाधन

The life that has been conferred upon us is an invaluable treasure. How should an individual spend his timed days to the fullest of his capacity? Can his karmas, be a tool for worshipping God? These questions can lead us, humans, in search of our own inner wellbeing. It is in our own hands how to maintain the sanctity of our body. This sanctity can be well maintained by the meticulously studying and understanding the Yogic Science. The yogic science is of utmost significance now, like never before. Today we have tremendous tools of science and technology, enough to make or break the world. It is very important that we have an inner sense and awareness of life, that we experience every other being as a part of ourselves. Otherwise, our pursuit of wellbeing will destroy all.

The International Yoga Day is being celebrated joyously all around the world. This celebration is bringing people from all walks of life to understand the importance of Yoga.Yoga is an essential science that must reach each and every household. The knowledge of yoga will benefit all those who practice it and hence this knowledge must be shared.

This knowledge of Yoga was transmitted thousands of years ago by the first yogi or Adiyogi. On the day of the summer solstice, Adiyogi turned south and first set his eyes on the Saptarishis or Seven Sages, who were his first disciples to carry the science of yoga to many parts of the world. It is wonderful that June 21 marks this momentous event in the history of humanity.

We at the Sri Adiyoga International Institute celebrated the Yoga Day in our own ways. The online portal allowed all students and faculty members to be connected and a series of guest lectures was held this year. The students relished the wise words from our knowledgeable and esteemed guests, including Dr. Kalapini Agasti (Assistant Professor, P.G.Department of Bhartiya Darshan Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek) and Swami Vedtatvananda of the Ramkrishna Mission.