Certificate Course in Gita

About The Course

The Course focuses on memorization of some of the important chapters of The Bhagvadgeeta. It also includes basic understanding of those chapters.


Bhagvadgeeta Chapters 2,9,12,15

Learning Outcomes

  • Boost the confidence in linguistic skills
  • This course will make the learner aware of the correct pronounciation of Sanskrit Shloka
  • The learner will be capable of chanting the important chapters from The Bhagvadgita.
  • Creating subtle inner experience by learning how to recite
  • Improve Sanskrit knowledge by learning ancient Gurukula methods & Techniques
  • Improvement in concentration and focus


  • One Year Certificate Course in Geeta Chanting

Target Audience

  • All Youth
  • Senior Citizen
  • Person of any age group having interest in learning the ancient Indian wisdom
  • Housewives
  • Anyone who wants improve linguistic skills
  • Sanskrit Lovers
  • Seekers who has an inclination to start journey towards spiritual life